Restrictions for dump database

Restrictions for using dump database.

  • The maximum file path/name size for a physical device is 127 characters.

  • If a database has proxy tables, the proxy tables are a part of the database save set. The content data of proxy tables is not included in the save; only the pointer is saved and restored.

  • You cannot remove holes that are not at the end of the database using the with shrink_log option.

  • You cannot mix SAP dumps and non-SAP data (for example, UNIX archives) on the same tape.

  • If a database has cross-database referential integrity constraints, the sysreferences system table stores the name—not the ID number—of the external database. The SAP ASE server cannot guarantee referential integrity if you use load database to change the database name or to load it onto a different server.

    Warning!   Before dumping a database to load it with a different name or move it to another SAP ASE server, use alter table to drop all external referential integrity constraints.
  • You cannot use dump database in a user-defined transaction.

  • If you issue dump database on a database where a dump transaction is already in progress, dump database sleeps until the transaction dump completes.

  • When using 1/4-inch cartridge tape, you can dump only one database or transaction log per tape.

  • You cannot dump a database if it has offline pages. To force offline pages online, use sp_forceonline_db or sp_forceonline_page.

  • Before you run dump database, for a cross platform dump and load, move the database to a transactional quiescent status:
    1. Verify the database runs cleanly by executing dbcc checkdb and dbcc checkalloc.

    2. To prevent concurrent updates from open transactions by other processes during dump database, use sp_dboption to place the database in a single-user mode.

    3. Flush statistics to systabstats using sp_flushstats.

    4. Wait for 10 to 30 seconds, depending on the database size and activity.

    5. Run checkpoint against the database to flush updated pages.

    6. Run dump database.

  • dump transaction and load transaction are not allowed across platforms.

  • dump database and load database to or from a remote backupserver are not supported across platforms.

  • You cannot load a password-protected dump file across platforms.

  • If you perform dump database and load database for a parsed XML object, you must parse the text again after the load database is completed.

  • The SAP ASE server cannot translate embedded data structures stored as binary, varbinary, or image columns.

  • load database is not allowed on the master database across platforms.

  • Stored procedures and other compiled objects are recompiled from the SQL text in syscomments at the first execution after the load database.

    If you do not have permission to recompile from text, then the person who does must recompile from text using dbcc upgrade_object to upgrade objects.

    Note: If you migrate login records in the syslogins system table in the master database from Solaris to Linux, you can perform a bcp -c character format bulk copy, and the login password from Solaris is compatible on Linux. For all other combinations and platforms, login records must be re-created because the passwords are not compatible.