Getting Information About Triggers

Get information about working with triggers.

  • The execution plan for a trigger is stored in sysprocedures.

  • Each trigger is assigned an identification number, which is stored as a new row in sysobjects with the object ID for the table to which it applies in the deltrig column, and also as an entry in the deltrig, instrig, and updtrig columns of the sysobjects row for the table to which it applies.

  • Use sp_helptext to display the text of a trigger, which is stored in syscomments.

    If the system security officer has reset the allow select on syscomments.text column parameter with sp_configure (as required to run the SAP ASE server in the evaluated configuration), you must be the creator of the trigger or a system administrator to view the text of the trigger through sp_helptext.

  • For a report on a trigger, use sp_help.

  • For a report on the tables and views that are referenced by a trigger, use sp_depends.