Java-SQL Columns

If Java is enabled in the database, you can create tables with Java-SQL columns.

The declared class (datatype) of the Java-SQL column must implement either the Serializable or Externalizable interface.

When you create a table, you cannot specify a Java-SQL column:
  • As a foreign key

  • In a references clause

  • As having the UNIQUE property

  • As the primary key

If in row is specified, the value stored cannot exceed 16K bytes, depending on the page size of the database server and other variables.

If off row is specified:
  • The column cannot be referenced in a check constraint.

  • The column cannot be referenced in a select that specifies distinct.

  • The column cannot be specified in a comparison operator, in a predicate, or in a group by clause.

Refer to Java in Adaptive Server Enterprise.