Restrictions for Compression

Restrictions for using compression.

  • You cannot compress:
    • System tables

    • Worktables

    • Nonmaterialzed computed columns

    • IDENTITY columns

    • Timestamps added for data transfer

    • All datatypes; see the Compression Users Guide for a list of unsupported datatypes

    • Encrypted columns

  • You cannot create a table for compression if the minimum row size exceeds the size of the maximum user data row for the configured locking scheme and page size combination. For example, you cannot create a data-only-locked table with a 2K page size that includes column c1 with a char(2007) datatype because it exceeds the maximum user data row size. For row and page compression, the SAP ASE server performs the same row size check as for a new table.

  • You cannot create a table for row or page compression that has only short, fixed-length columns smaller than 4 bytes.