Enabling Quoted Identifiers

The quoted identifier enhancement configuration parameter allows the SAP ASE server to use quoted identifiers for:

quoted identifier enhancement is part of the enable functionality group, and its default settings depends on the settings for enable functionality group configuration parameter. See the System Administration Guide, Volume 1.

To enable quoted identifiers:
  1. Set the enable functionality group or quoted identifier enhancement configuration parameter to 1. For example:
    sp_configure "enable functionality group", 1
  2. Restart the SAP ASE server so the change takes effect.

  3. Turn on quoted_identifier for the current session:
    set quoted_identifier on

Once you enable quoted identifier enhancement, the query processor removes delimiters and trailing spaces from object definitions when you include quoted identifiers. For example, the SAP ASE server considers "ident", [ident], and ident to be identical. If quoted identifier enhancement is not enabled, "ident" is considered distinct from the other two.

When you start the SAP ASE server with quoted identifier enhancement enabled:
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