Returns a true/false indication of whether dump transaction is allowed.






tran_dumpable_status allows you to determine if dump transaction is allowed on a database without having to run the command. tran_dumpable_status performs all of the checks that the SAP ASE server performs when dump transaction is issued.

If tran_dumpable_status returns 0, you can perform the dump transaction command on the database. If it returns any other value, it cannot. The non-0 values are:

  • 1 – A database with the name you specified does not exist.

  • 2 – A log does not exist on a separate device.

  • 4 – The log first page is in the bounds of a data-only disk fragment.

  • 8 – the trunc log on chkpt option is set for the database.

  • 16 – Non-logged writes have occurred on the database.

  • 32 – Truncate-only dump tran has interrupted any coherent sequence of dumps to dump devices.

  • 64 – Database is newly created or upgraded. Transaction log may not be dumped until a dump database has been performed.

  • 128 – Database durability does not allow transaction dumps.

  • 256 – Database is read-only. dump transaction started a transaction, which is not allowed on read-only databases.

  • 512 – Database is online for standby access. dump transaction started a transaction, which is not allowed on databases in standby access because the transactoin would disturb the load sequence.

  • 1024 – Database is an archive database, which do not support dump transaction.

See also: dump transaction in Reference Manual: Commands


ANSI SQL – Compliance level: Transact-SQL extension.


Any user can execute tran_dumpable_status.