Returns parameter information for a dynamic SQL query (a prepared statement) in XML format.






  • show_dynamic_params_in_xml allows dynamic parameters in where clauses, the set clause of an update, and the values list of an insert.

  • For where clauses, show_dynamic_params_in_xml determines associations according to the smallest subtree involving an expression with a column, a relational operator, and an expression with a parameter. For example:
    select * from tab where col1 + 1 = ?
    If the query has no subtree, show_dynamic_params_in_xml omits the <column> element. For example:
    select * from tab where ? < 1000
  • show_dynamic_params_in_xml selects the first column it encounters for expressions involving multiple columns:
    delete tab where col1 + col2 > ?
  • The association is unambigous for update . . . set statements. For example:
    update tab set col1 = ?