Selecting text, unitext, and image Data

text, unitext, and image values can be quite large. When the select list includes text and image values, the limit on the length of the data returned depends on the setting of the @@textsize global variable, which contains the limit on the number of bytes of text or image data a select returns.

The default limit is 32K bytes for isql; the default depends on the client software. Change the value for a session with set textsize.

These global variables return information on text, unitext, and image data:


The text pointer of the last text, unitext, or image column inserted or updated by a process. Do not confuse this global variable with the textptr function.


ID of the column referenced by @@textptr.


ID of a database containing the object with the column referenced by @@textptr.


ID of the object containing the column referenced by @@textptr.


Current value of the set textsize option, which specifies the maximum length, in bytes, of text, unitext, or image data to be returned with a select statement. It defaults to 32K. The maximum size for @@textsize is 231 - 1 (that is, 2,147,483,647).


Text timestamp of the column referenced by @@textptr.