System Requirements

Before installing SAP ASE version 16.0, ensure that your system is updated with the latest patches and system requirements. Do not use a patch that is earlier than the version suggested for your operating system. Use the patch recommended by the operating system vendor, even if it supersedes the patch listed.

To list all currently installed patches and display the operating system version level, enter:
lslpp -L | grep devices.fcp.disk.rte
You see:
devices.fcp.disk.rte  COMMITTED  FC SCSI CD-ROM, Disk, 
IBM AIX RequirementsDescription
  • IBM Power Systems RS/6000, eServer p5 and i5 systems, running Power3 processors or higher – AIX 6.1 TL 8 SP2 or later. Supports TCP.
  • Processor – 64-bit
  • Kernel – 64-bit
  • Default user stack size – 148KB
  • Maximum CPUs per server – 128
  • Input/Output Completion Port API – must be installed and available on your machine for SAP ASE to run.
  • Recommended RAM for SAP ASE – 124MB
  • Memory per user connection – with default stack size, packet size, and user log cache size, approximately 312KB.
Disk space
  • SAP ASE typical installation – 1487MB
  • Default databases created during installation – 306MB
  • Total – 1637MB
Operating system patches
AIX Level and SP oslevel -s Command Output Required bos.iocp.rte  Fileset
7.1 TL 2 SP2 7100-02-02-1316
7.1 TL 1 SP6 7100-01-06-1241
7.1 TL 0 SP8 7100-00-08-1241
6.1 TL 8 SP2 6100-08-02-1316

Contact IBM directly to obtain patch APAR IV53884, which fixes a known AIX issue that prevents Java applications (including the SAP ASE installer) from obtaining user/login names and home directories if you use NIS (Network Information Service).

Note: The recommended level may contain more than one IOCP patch.

Ensure that you have the required operating system patches for the SAP Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 7.1. See SAP Note 1367498 ( for the JRE requirements. Log in with your SAP support account to view the SAP note.

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