Test the Installation and Network Connections

After installing SAP ASE, SAP Control Center, and the Java Runtime Environment, test the installation and network connections. The SAP ASE server communicates with other SAP ASE servers, Open Server applications (such as Backup Server), and client software on your network. Clients can talk to one or more servers, and servers can communicate with other servers using remote procedure calls.

For SAP Control Center to work, install both the SCC agent for SAP ASE as well as the SCC Management User Inserface for SAP ASE. A "typical" installation includes the agent, while the SCC Management User Interface for SAP ASE is available only if you select the "custom" installation option. See the SAP Control Center Installation Guide for details about installing and setting up SCC.

For Sybase products to interact with one another, each product must know where the others reside on the network. Sybase stores this information in the interfaces file on Windows or in a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server.

Follow the instructions in SAP Control Center for Adaptive Server Enterprise to launch SCC and configure the SAP ASE server for monitoring. You can then view a list of monitored servers in the Administration Console of the Perspective Resources view in SCC to verify your connections.