Upgrading Java in the Database

If Java in the database functionality is currently enabled, you must run the installpcidb script, which creates tables and stored procedures in the sybpcidb database.

  1. Use isql to run the installpcidb script, saving the output to an operating system file.
    isql -Usa -P<sa_password> -S<server_name>
      -i$SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/scripts/installpcidb -o<output_file>
  2. Enable the Java in the database functionality:
    1> sp_configure 'enable pci', 1
    2> go
    1> sp_configure 'enable java', 1
    2> go
    You may need to increase 'max memory' to enable these parameters. Restart the server for changes to take effect. You can configure the maximum size of the PCI bridge memory pool through the 'pci memory size' configuration parameter. For more information, see Java in Adaptive Server Enterprise.