Restoring Functionality in SAP ASE After Upgrading

Restore functionality in the server after an upgrade.

  1. If you changed any configuration parameters before upgrading, use sp_configure to set them back to their earlier values.
  2. Use sp_dboption to reset any database options you disabled before upgrading.
  3. Before you use the upgraded server, verify that all custom scripts point to SAP ASE 16.0.
  4. Verify procedure cache allocation. The size should be the same as before upgrading, unless the original size was smaller than the default value.
  5. Check the procedure cache requirements. Version 16.0 stored procedures, triggers, and other compiled objects require much more memory to run than earlier versions.
    Use sp_configure to increase the procedure cache size during runtime, and sp_configure verify to verify any changes you make to the configuration file without having to restart SAP ASE:
    sp_configure "configuration file", 0, "verify", "full_path_to_file"

    See Reference Manual: Procedures and the Performance and Tuning Guide for details about sp_configure and sp_sysmon, and the System Administration Guide for information about configuring memory.

  6. Verify data cache allocation.

    During the upgrade process, the server ensures that the default data cache size remains the same. Therefore, during the preupgrade process before the upgrade, the size of the default data cache is obtained and written to the configuration file as an absolute value, not as a default. This enables the server to have the same default data cache size as before the upgrade. If this size is less than the default size of 8MB, the server allocates a default data cache of 8MB.

  7. If you unmirrored devices, remirror them using the disk remirror command.
  8. If you used compiled objects, see How Compiled Objects Are Handled When Upgrading SAP ASE.
  9. If you used two-phase commit in the earlier version of SAP ASE, run the script to install the two-phase commit tables:
    isql -Usa -Psa_password -Sserver_name 
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