Installing in Silent Mode

To perform a silent, or unattended installation, run the installer and provide a response file that contains your preferred installation configuration.

Use setup.bin -r responseFileName to generate a installation response file during a console or GUI installation.
  1. Run the following, where responseFileName is the absolute path of the file name containing the installation options you chose:
    setup.bin –f responseFileName -i silent
    Note: You must agree to the Sybase License Agreement when installing in silent mode. You can either:
    • Include the option -DAGREE_TO_SYBASE_LICENSE=true in the command line argument, or,
    • Edit the response file to include the property AGREE_TO_SYBASE_LICENSE=true.

    Except for the absence of the GUI screens, all actions of InstallAnywhere are the same, and the result of an installation in silent mode is exactly the same as one performed in GUI mode using the same responses.

  2. The installer for SAP ASE requires non-null passwords for the sa login in SAP ASE, and uafadmin and sccadmin logins in SAP Control Center. For this reason, add these rows to the response file:
    SY_CFG_ASE_PASSWORD=ASE sa password
    CONFIG_SCC_CSI_UAFADMIN_PWD=SCC agent admin password
    CONFIG_SCC_REPOSITORY_PWD=SCC repository password

    Each password must be at least six characters long. The sccadmin and uafadmin logins need not be the same as the sa password.

    You can also set these passwords using thse environment variables:
    Note: For security purposes, treat response files with care if they contain passwords.