Installation Directory Contents and Layout

SAP ASE includes server components that are installed into specific directories.

Installed into the ASE-16_0 directory.
  • SAP ASE – the database server.
  • Backup Server – an application based on SAP® Open Server™ that manages all database backup (dump) and restore (load) operations.
  • XP Server – an Open Server application that manages and executes extended stored procedures (ESPs) from within SAP ASE.
  • Job Scheduler – provides a job scheduler for SAP ASE. Job Scheduler components are located in ASE-16_0/jobscheduler/.
Installed into the OCS-16_0 directory:
  • Open Client™ (Client Library, dblib)
  • ESQL/C
  • XA
Installed into the DataAccess and DataAccess64 directories:
  • ODBC (Windows, Solaris SPARC, Solaris x64, Linux Power, HP-UX Itanium, IBM AIX) – a driver used to connect to SAP ASE from ODBC-based applications.
  • ADO.NET (Windows only) – a provider used to connect to SAP ASE from .NET based applications.
Shared Directory
The shared directory contains components and libraries that are shared by several other components. In earlier versions, this directory was named shared-1_0.
  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) – is a runtime Java virtual machine used to execute Java-based programs, such as SAP Control Center. SAP ASE includes the JRE. In typical installations, by default, the JRE is fully installed. In custom installations, if you select a component for installation that requires the JRE, the JRE is also automatically selected. It is located in the shared/SAPJRE-7_1 * directory.
SAP Control Center
SAP Control Center logs and utilities – files related to the Web-based tool for monitoring the status and availability of SAP ASE servers. They are installed into the $SYBASE/SCC-3_3 directory.
Note: The SAP ASE typical installation option installs only the SCC Remote Command and Control (RCC) agent. To use a GUI-based connection to the SCC server using a Web browser, you must use the custom installation option to install the SCC Management User Interface for SAP ASE.
Language Modules

Installed into the locales directory. Provides system messages and date/time formats.

Character Sets
Installed into the charsets directory. Provides character sets that are available for use with SAP ASE.
Collation Sequences
Installed into the collate directory. Provides the collation sequences that are available for use with SAP ASE.
Sybase Software Asset Management (SySAM)
Installed into the SYSAM-2_0 directory. Provides asset management of SAP ASE servers and optional features.
Web Services
Installed into the WS-16_0 directory. An optional product that provides access to SAP ASE using HTTP/SOAP and WSDL.
Interactive SQL
Interactive SQL is a GUI tool that allows you to execute SQL statements, build scripts, and display data from SAP ASE. It is installed into the DBISQL-16_0 directory.
jutils-3_0 Utilities
A collection of SAP ASE utility programs including ribo, a tool to trace TDS traffic between a client program and SAP ASE.
SAP® jConnect™ for JDBC
Installed into the jConnect-16_0 directory. Provides a Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver for SAP ASE.
OData Server
Installed into the ODATA-16_0 directory, OData (Open Data Protocol) enables data services over RESTful HTTP, allowing you to perform operations through URIs (Universal Resource Identifiers) to access and modify information.
Note: We strongly recommend that you install the ECDA DirectConnect option or MainframeConnect™ DirectConnect™ for z/OS, including DirectConnect Manager, into its own directory.
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