Knowing the Product License Type

SAP sells products under different license types, which entitle the customer to different rights of use. For example, whether a product is entitled to be used in production, or standby, or development and test environments.

The license type determines the quantity of licenses required; dictating, for example, whether a license is required for each machine; or for each CPU, or CPU chip; or per terabyte of storage.

For example, a product purchased under the CPU License (CP) type requires one license per CPU on the machine, partition, or resource set where it will run. The same product purchased under the Server License (SR) type requires a single license for the machine, partition, or resource set.

Your account can have the same product licensed under multiple license types. Make sure you select the correct license type when you generate your SySAM license file.

When you generate licenses, each license type is presented on the License Information screen in bold font. For example:
License Type: CPU License (CP)