Upgrading Job Scheduler

After upgrading to a new SAP ASE server, upgrade Job Scheduler.

Note: You must have $SYBASE/$SYBASE_OCS/bin directory in $PATH so the isql executable is accessible. Use isql to perform all the steps in this task.
  1. Copy the directory services entry for JSAGENT (or jsagent) from the old server to the new server.
  2. Make sure the new server is running.
  3. Ensure that at least 9000 locks are configured. If the number of locks on the server is fewer than 9000, increase it:
    1> sp_configure "number of locks", 9000
    2> go
  4. Before you restart the SAP ASE server and run Job Scheduler, run the installjsdb script to update Job Scheduler tables and stored procedures:
    1. Disable Job Scheduler:
      1> sp_configure "enable job scheduler", 0
      2> go
      1> sybmgmtdb..sp_sjobcontrol @name=NULL, @option="stop_js"
      2> go
    2. Run the installjsdb script:
      isql –Usa –Psa_password –Sservername
      Note: The directory with the isql executable ($SYBASE/$SYBASE_OCS/bin) must be in your path.
      The installjsdb script looks for the sybmgmtdb database.
    3. Enable Job Scheduler:
       sp_configure "enable job scheduler", 1
    4. To start Job Scheduler, either restart the server, or enter:
      1> use sybmgmtdb
      2> go
      1> sp_sjobcontrol @name=NULL, @option="start_js"
      2> go
  5. Restart the SAP ASE server if you restarted Job Scheduler manually.
  6. (Optional) Add more log space. Some 64-bit platforms require additional space for the sybmgmtdb log:
    1> use master
    2> go
    1> alter database sybmgmtdb LOG on sybmgmtdev=20
    2> go
  7. To upgrade sybmgmtdb, run the installjsdb script that is included, saving the output to a file:
    isql -Usa -Psa_password -Sservername -n -i$SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/scripts/installjsdb
    Note: When upgrading from SAP ASE version 12.5.x to 15.5 and later, increase the size of sybmgmtdb from 50MB to at least 160MB. sybmgmtdb must have free log space of at least 60MB.