Migrating Data Using a Dump-and-Load Method

To perform migrations, back up and restore databases using the dump and load commands.

  1. In the 32-bit SAP ASE server, run dbcc checks (checkdb, checkalloc, checkcatalog, and checkstorage) on all databases in the 32-bit SAP ASE server to ensure they are error free.
  2. Create a 64-bit server in a new directory.
  3. Create devices and databases to match those in the 32-bit server. Make sure the sysusages mapping is correct.
    Note: Allow 10 percent additional space for the sybsystemprocs database.
  4. Dump the databases from the 32-bit server.
  5. Load the databases to the 64-bit server.
  6. If you have partitioned tables, update partition statistics.
  7. Run dbcc checks on the 64-bit server and make sure they run cleanly.
    For information on upgrading compiled objects, see Finding Compiled Object Errors Before Production.