Client Components and Utilities

There are several components that you can install onto a PC client to support the SAP ASE server, which are downloaded from the SAP Service Marketplace (SMP). The previous PC-Client installer is replaced in ASE 16.0 by separately downloadable installers that provide many of the same components.


The SAP Service Marketplace provides both 32-bit and 64-bit SDK for SAP® ASE images. Download the software development kit (SDK) that matches your version of Windows (32- or 64-bit).

Use either method to obtain the SDK from SAP Service Marketplace > SAP Software Download Center:
  • Select Support Packages and Patches > A-Z Index > S > SDK for SAP ASE
  • In the search field at Support Packages and Patches, enter SDK for SAP ASE.

Included in the SDK are:

Open Client™
In addition to Open Client (Client Library, dblib), the following, which are all installed into the OCS-16_0 directory:
  • ESQL/C
  • XA
  • SAP ASE extension module for Python
  • SAP ASE database driver for Perl
  • SAP ASE extension module for PHP
Installed into the DataAccess64 directories:
  • ODBC – a driver used that connects to SAP ASE from ODBC-based applications.
  • ADO.NET – a provider used that connects to SAP ASE from .NET-based applications.
Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
Installed into the shared directory, JRE is a runtime Java virtual machine used to execute Java-based programs, such as Interactive SQL, and which is shared by several other components.
Language Modules
Installed into the locales directory. Provides system messages and date/time formats.
Character Sets
Installed into the charsets directory. Provides character sets that are available for use with SAP ASE.
Installed into the jConnect-16_0 directory, jConnect provides a Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver for SAP ASE.
Interactive SQL
Installed into the DBISQL-16_0 directory, Interactive SQL is a GUI tool that allows you to execute SQL statements, build scripts, and display data from SAP ASE.
jutils-3_0 utilities
A collection of SAP ASE utility programs that includes ribo, a tool to trace TDS traffic between a client program and SAP ASE.

See the SDK Installation Guide at the SAP Service Marketplace for installation instructions.

PowerDesigner Physical Modeler

The modeler is available in the ASE SAP 16.0 section of the SAP Service Marketplace, and is installed from its own image.

To install the modeler, download and extract the file, then run setup.exe in your root directory.

SySAM Utilities

Access these utilities by searching for sysam 2.3 in the SAP Service Marketplace.

Follow the installation instructions in the Info tab for SySAM 2.3 in the SAP Service Marketplace.


Run this components from the SAP ASE server image directly.

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