Increasing the Size of the sybsystemprocs Database

Create a new database with sufficient space if your current sybsystemprocs database does not have the minimum space required for an upgrade. The minimum size of sybsystemprocs is 184MB; the recommended size is 196MB.

Create a current backup of your old database.
Although you can drop the old database and device and create a new sysprocsdev device, SAP recommends that you leave the old database and device and add a new device that is large enough to hold the additional memory, and alter the sybsystemprocs onto the new device.
  1. In isql, use alter database to increase the size of the sybsystemprocs database. For example:
    1> use master
    2> go
    1> alter database sybsystemprocs on sysprocsdev=40
    2> go

    In this example, "sysprocsdev" is the logical name of the existing system procedures device, and 40 is the number of megabytes of space to add. If the system procedures device is too small, you may receive a message when you try to increase the size of the sybsystemprocs database.

    If there is space available on another device, expand sybsystemprocs to a second device, or initialize another device that is large enough.

  2. Verify that the SAP ASE server has allocated more space to sybsystemprocs:
    1> sp_helpdb sybsystemprocs
    2> go
When the database is large enough to accommodate the increased size of sybsystemprocs, continue with the other preupgrade tasks.