Troubleshoot the Server

Determine the cause of problems and apply the recommended solution.

To determine the cause of an error, first look in the log file of the utility being used, to identify the task the utility was performing when it failed. Then check the server error log.

This table lists possible causes and solutions for common problems that you might encounter during a first-time installation, or an upgrade. If you continue to have problems, retry the installation or upgrade.

If the installation program or srvbuild unexpectedly quits, or if you cannot correct the problem, see the Error Messages and Troubleshooting Guide.

Problem Solution
The installation program cannot start the SAP ASE server.
  • Make sure you meet RAM requirements. If you have the required amount of RAM, remove, then reinstall all applications to the hard drive and restart the installation.
  • After SAP ASE is installed, there should be 25MB of free disk space left in the disk drive. SAP ASE needs approximately 18MB to create shared memory files.
  • The SAP ASE server may not start if it cannot find a SySAM license or if the grace period has expired. Check the SAP ASE error log for the cause of the license checkout failure and fix the issues.
The installation program cannot connect to the upgraded SAP ASE server.

Verify that the environment variables and password are correct.