These style and syntax conventions are used in SAP® Adaptive Server® Enterprise (SAP® ASE) documentation.

SQL Syntax Conventions
Key Definition
command Command names, command option names, utility names, utility flags, and other keywords are in a bold san-serif font.
variable Variables, or words that stand for values that you fill in, are in italic.
{ }
Curly braces indicate that you choose at least one of the enclosed options. Do not include braces in your option.
[ ]
Brackets mean choosing one or more of the enclosed options is optional. Do not include brackets in your option.
( )
() are to be typed as part of the command.
The vertical bar means you can select only one of the options shown.
The comma means you can choose as many of the options shown as you like, separating your choices with commas, which are typed as part of the command.