Setting Up Multipathing

If you choose to use it, set up multipathing before you install SAP ASE.

Solaris Multiplexed I/O (MPxIO) is a multipathing solution for storage devices that is part of the Solaris operating environment. The stmsboot program is an administrative command for managing enumeration of multipath-capable devices with Solaris I/O multipathing. Solaris I/O multipathing-enabled devices are enumerated under scsi_vhci(7D), providing multipathing capabilities. Solaris I/O multipathing-disabled devices are enumerated under the physical controller.

In the /dev and /devices trees, Solaris I/O multipathing-enabled devices receive new names that indicate that they are under Solaris I/O multipathing control. This means a device has a different name than its original name (after enabling) when it is under Solaris I/O multipathing control. The stmsboot command automatically updates /etc/vfstab and dump configuration to reflect the device names changes when enabling or disabling Solaris I/O multipathing. One reboot is required for changes to take effect.

  1. Run stmsboot -e to enable multipathing. The stmsboot -L option lists all available paths.
  2. (Optional) You can also use the mpathadm command to manage multipathing.