SAP ASE Options

SAP offers various optional features for SAP ASE, such as data compression, partitions, and encrypted columns.

Data compression
Enables compression for regular and large object data, which uses less storage space for the same amount of data, reduces cache memory consumption, and improves performance due to lower I/O demands.
Security and directory services
Provides lightweight directory services and network-based authentication and encryption using SSL and Kerberos.
Enables semantic partitioning for table row data.
Encrypted columns
Increases security parameters and allows for addition of datatypes.
Tivoli storage manager
Enables the database to back up and restore operations to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.
In-memory database
Provides zero-disk-footprint in-memory database support that is fully integrated with SAP ASE for high-performance transactional applications. Provides performance enhancements to disk-resident databases with relaxed durability properties.

SAP ASE editions and optional features are unlocked by SySAM licenses. See the SySAM Users Guide.

To install any of these optional features to an existing SAP ASE installation, use the same steps as you used to install SAP ASE.