Default Devices for Sample Databases

The SAP ASE installation includes scripts for installing the us_english sample database, foreign language sample databases, and the image data associated with the US English pubs2 sample database on a default device.

These scripts are located in $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/scripts.

By default, these scripts install the sample databases on the master device. Because the databases use valuable space on the master device that is best reserved for system tables—each sample database requires 3MB on a 2KB server, and multiples of 3MB on a 4KB, 6KB, 8KB, and 16KB server on your database device—we recommend that you change the default to a device other than the master device.

To change the default location where the scripts install these databases, use sp_diskdefault. See sp_diskdefault in Reference Manual: Procedures. Alternatively, use a text editor to revise the script directly.