Stopping a SAP ASE Server After a Failure

If the installation or upgrade session fails after you start a SAP ASE server for any reason, use the shutdown command.

  1. Open an MS-DOS Command Prompt window.
  2. Start isql and connect to the SAP ASE server:
    %SYBASE%\%SYBASE_OCS%\bin\isql -Usa -P -Sserver_name
    • %SYBASE% – is the SAP ASE installation directory.
    • server_name – is the name of your SAP ASE server.
  3. Shut down the SAP ASE server using the shutdown with nowait command. This stops the server immediately, without waiting for currently executing SQL statements to finish:
    1> shutdown with nowait
    2> go
    Note: If you cannot connect to the SAP ASE server with isql, or if the shutdown with nowait command fails, use the Task Manager (press Ctrl+Alt+Del) or a Windows process monitoring utility, (for example, the pview.exe program included with the Microsoft Toolkit), to stop the SAP ASE process.