Upgrading SAP ASE on Windows

Use the Server Config utility to upgrade SAP ASE.

  1. If you are upgrading from:
    • SAP ASE version 12.5.4:
      1. Run sysconfig.exe.
      2. Choose Configure Adaptive Server > Server_Name > logon > Command line.
      3. Add -T7841, then save the changes. This is unnecessary if you are upgrading from version 12.5.4 to version 16.0 under the IPv4 environment.
    • SAP ASE 12.5, run sybatch.exe to perform the upgrade:
      set OLDSYBASE=<old_$SYBASE_directory>
      set OLDSYBASE_ASE=ASE-12_5

      Install the new SAP ASE into the same directory as the SAP ASE you are upgrading.

  2. Go to Start > Programs > Sybase > Adaptive Server Enterprise > Server Config, and click Upgrade Adaptive Server in the Configure Sybase Servers window.
  3. If you are upgrading from:
    Version Enter
    SAP ASE 12.5.4
    • ASE-12_5 for the old ASE component directory
    • OCS-12_5 for the old OpenClient directory
    SAP ASE 15.x
    • ASE-15_0 for the old ASE component directory
    • OCS-15_0 for the old OpenClient directory
    Click Continue.
  4. In Existing Servers, select the SAP ASE server to upgrade.
  5. In Password, enter the administrator login name and password, then click Continue. SAP ASE starts running.
  6. Before making any changes to the existing SAP ASE databases, you see: You are advised to back up your databases before upgrading. Do you want to proceed with the upgrade?

    If you have backed up the databases, click Yes.

    If you have not, choose No in the Upgrade window and use dump database to make back-up copies before proceeding.

    Server Config begins the database eligibility test. Once all preupgrade checks succeed, it:

    1. Shuts down the old server and starts the new SAP ASE dataserver binary on the old master device.
    2. Creates the RUN_servername file.
    3. Runs installmaster script.
  7. If the upgrade is successful, back up all the databases, including the master database, in your upgraded SAP ASE.

    To check the upgrade, use a text editor to view the log file in %SYBASE%\%SYBASE_ASE%\upgrade\errorlog.upg.

    View log information in %SYBASE\%SYBASE_ASE%\init\logs\.