Postupgrade Tasks

After you have upgraded, make sure your new SAP ASE server is up and running.

The upgrade process does not cause any changes in existing statistics, so you need not run update statistics on any tables after the upgrade. If you are upgrading from SAP ASE version 15.x, however, restart the server to make the statistics available.

  1. To explicitly re-compile the objects, run dbcc upgrade_object() for each database.
  2. If you upgraded from SAP ASE version 12.5.2 or earlier, ensure there are no issues with OAM pages by running dbcc checkcatalog with the fix option:
    dbcc checkcatalog (database_name, fix)
  3. If you have any system stored procedures that you had saved from before the upgrade (because you had modified them without altering their names), reload them now.
  4. Execute:
    dbcc gam (dbname,0,0,'check')

    This command performs upgrade operations on text and image columns that are deferred during the SAP ASE upgrade process, and prevents dbcc checkstorage from taking a long time when it is run for the first time after the upgrade.

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