Running a Reserved Word Check

Run the reserved word check on the SAP ASE server you are upgrading.

Even if you plan to use sqlupgraderes to upgrade SAP ASE noninteractively, you can still first run the interactive sqlupgrade utility to perform reserved-word checks and other potential upgrade eligibility problems, and then continue with the upgrade if no problems are found.

Both sqlupgrade and sqlupgraderes automatically install new reserved words and the sp_checkreswords system procedure, which detects and displays identifiers in your existing databases that conflict with reserved words in the new database. You can use sp_checkreswords at any time while performing preupgrade tasks.

Note: Do not use an older version of sp_checkreswords to check for reserved words, as it does not contain the most current list of reserved words.
The Server Config utility installs sp_checkreswords and checks the reserved words during the upgrade. Server Config does not display the names or locations of identifiers that conflict with reserved words; only the number of conflicts.
Server Config always discovers one reserved-word conflict for each database in your SAP ASE server. This is because the sysobjects table in SAP ASE inserts a reserved word with each of its table entries. You do not need to address these conflicts because they do not adversely affect the upgrade process.