Adding a Server to the Interfaces File

To access a server through the sql.ini file, each server must be included in the sql.ini file on the client computer.

Note: You can use Windows Directory Replication to replicate sql.ini in multiple locations. See the Microsoft documentation for information. You can also use directory services, which are stored in the Registry.

For additional information on using dsedit on the client computer, see the Open Client and Server Configuration Guide for Desktop Platforms and the Open Client and Server Supplement.

  1. From Windows, select Start > Programs > Sybase Connectivity > Open Client Directory Service Editor.
  2. Click OK in the first window to open the Interfaces Driver window.
  3. Select Server Object from the menu, and click Add.
  4. Enter the name of the server for which you are creating an entry.
    Click OK.
  5. In the Attributes column, double-click the server address row you just added.
  6. In the Protocol Network Address, click Add.
  7. In the Network Address box, enter either the server name or the IP address, along with the server port number. For example:
    machine_name, 4100
    • machine_name – is the name of the computer.
    • 4100 – is the port number the server is using to "listen" for clients.
    Note: Windows accepts TCP-style connection information:


    The preferred format is to use TCP and a space between the host_name and port_number, because it is supported across all platforms. You can edit the interfaces file using any standard ASCII text editor.
  8. Use ipconfig to find the IP address for the machine.