Managing Java in the Database During Installations and Upgrades

If you have enabled Java in the database, create the sybpcidb database before installing or upgrading to SAP ASE version 16.0.

  1. Create the sybpcidb database, which stores configuration information for the pluggable component interface (PCI) and all pluggable component adapter (PCA) components. This database is used by the installpcidb script. For example:
    1> disk init
    2> name = "sybpcidb_dev",
    3> physname = "${SYBASE}/data/sybpcidb_dev.dat",
    4> size = "48M"
    5> go
    1> create database sybpcidb on sybpcidb_dev = 48
    2> go
    The device and database sizes depend on the SAP ASE server page size. The minimum and default size requirements for sybpcidb are:
    • 2KB page size server – 48MB
    • (Default) 4KB page size server – 96MB
    • 8KB page size server – 192MB
    • 16KB page size server – 384MB
  2. Disable Java in the database:
    1> sp_configure 'enable java', 0
    2> go
  3. Reenable the feature after you have successfully installed or upgraded to SAP ASE 16.0:
    1> sp_configure 'enable java', 1
    2> go
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