Adding a Server to the Directory Services

Use dsedit to add a new server entry.

Each server entry is made up of a set of attributes. When you add or modify a server entry, you are prompted for information about server attributes. Some attributes are provided by default, others require user input. When a default value is provided, it appears in brackets “[ ]”. See SAP LDAP directory definitions for accepted values.

Use srvbuild to add entries, but not modify or delete them.

Warning!   Most LDAP servers have an ldapadd utility for adding directory entries. SAP recommends you use dsedit instead since it has built-in semantic checks that generic tools do not provide.
  1. Source SYBASE.csh or to set the environment variables.
  2. cd to $SYBASE/$SYBASE_OCS/bin.
  3. Execute dsedit.
  4. Select LDAP from the list of servers, and click OK.
  5. Click Add New Server Entry.
  6. Enter:
    • The server name – required.

    • The security mechanism – optional. This is the name of the high-availability failover server, if you have one.

  7. Click Add New Network Transport and:
    • Select the transport type.

    • Enter the host name.

    • Enter the port number.

  8. Click OK twice to exit dsedit.
    To view the server entries, enter this URL in Netscape


    For example:


    Note: Microsoft Internet Explorer does not recognize LDAP URLs.

    For more information about dscp, see the Open Client/Server Configuration Guide.

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