Enabling LDAP Directory Services

Enable LDAP directory service.

  1. Install the “Security and directory services” license package ASE_SECDIR.
  2. Add the location of the LDAP libraries to the UNIX load library path environment variable for your platform.
  3. Configure the libtcl.cfg file to use directory services.

    Use any standard ASCII text editor to:

    • Remove the semicolon (;) comment markers from the beginning of the LDAP URL lines in the libtcl.cfg file under the [DIRECTORY] entry.

    • Add the LDAP URL under the [DIRECTORY] entry.

    Warning!  The LDAP URL must be on a single line.
    ldap=libsybdldap.so ldap://host:port/ditbase??scope??bindname=username
    ldap=libsybdldap64.so ldap://host:port/ditbase??scope??bindname=username

    For example:

    ldap=libsybdldap.so ldap:///huey:11389/dc=sybase,dc=com??one??
    bindname=cn=Manager,dc=sybase,dc=com secret

    one” indicates the scope of a search that retrieves entries one level below the DIT base.

  4. Verify that the appropriate environment variable points to the required third-party libraries. The Netscape LDAP SDK libraries are located in $SYBASE/$SYBASE_OCS/lib3p or lib3p64.The UNIX load library path environment variable must point to this directory.
  5. Add your server entry to the LDAP server using dscp or dsedit.