Using a Text Editor to Create a Master interfaces File

Use an ASCII text editor to modify a concatenated interfaces file.

  1. Concatenate all individual interfaces files.
  2. Make a copy of the file.
  3. Use an ASCII text editor to modify the copy of the concatenated file.
    When you manually edit an interfaces file, be sure that, for each entry, each line following the first line begins with a <tab> character.
    These elements must be correct and unique in the resulting file:
    • servername – each server entry in the interfaces file must be unique. During the srvbuild session, you had the choice of entering a server name or accepting the default server name, SYBASE, for those servers. Find any duplicate SYBASE entries in your merged file, and rename them.
    • A combination of the host machine’s network name or address and the SAP ASE port or object number.
    • If the original interfaces file was created when there was only one machine on the network, its entries may have the word “loghost” in place of the machine name (address). If loghost is present, replace it with the machine name.