Set Up Communications Across the Network

SAP ASE can communicate with other SAP ASE servers, Open Server applications, and client software across a network.

Clients can communicate with one or more servers, and servers can communicate with other servers via remote procedure calls.

Directory services contain information about the network locations of all SAP ASE servers, Backup Servers, and other server products on the network.

In the SAP client/server environment, a client can connect with SAP ASE if it knows where the server resides on the network and if the server supports the client’s language or character set. When a client initiates a connection, it looks in its directory services for the network location of the target server.

When you are using a client program, and you want to connect with a particular server, the client program looks up the server name in the directory services and connects to that server.

Servers also need network information. When a server starts, it looks in its interfaces file to determine where to listen for client connection requests. In addition, SAP ASE can take on a client role when it makes remote procedure calls to other SAP ASE servers.