Default Settings

You may need to configure the default settings to suit your computer and database needs.

Defaults for SAP ASE Parameter Settings
Item Default Value
Name Servername
Transport Type TCP/IP
Port number 5000
Error log path $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/install/servername.log
Event logging Not configured
Language us_english
Character set

HP – Roman8

IBM – ISO 8859-1

Sun – ISO 8859-1

Linux – iso_1

Sort order Linux – binary ordering
Login security mode Standard
Defaults for Backup and XP Servers
Server Item Default Value
Backup Server Name AdaptiveServername_back
Network support (TCP/IP)
Socket number 5001
Error log path $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/install/AdaptiveServername_back.log
Network support (TCP/IP)
Socket number 5002
Error log path N/A