Starting XP Server After Initial Installation

Add information about the XP Server to the sysservers table.

If you install SAP ASE and XP Server in the same build session, srvbuild automatically adds information about the XP Server to the sysservers table of SAP ASE. If you install XP Server in a different build session than the SAP ASE installation, you are prompted during the XP Server installation to supply the name of the related SAP ASE and the system administrator’s name and password. This information is required by SAP ASE to start XP Server.

If you do not supply this information during installation, XP Server cannot run. When you execute an extended stored procedure (ESP), you see an error message similar to:
Msg 11018, Level 16, State 1:
Procedure 'xp_cmdshell', Line 2
XP Server must be up for ESP to execute.
To add this required information to the sysservers table manually, enter:

where servername is the name of the SAP ASE.