Database Specifications

Database specifications define requirements for items such as database size, and the number of database devices per server.

Item Requirement Notes
Databases per SAP ASE A maximum of 32,767 databases per server

Maximum database size
  • 2K page server – 8TB
  • 4K page server – 16TB
  • 8K page server – 32TB
  • 16K page server – 64TB
Because SAP ASE reserves 256 logical page IDs—which cannot be allocated or used—at the high end of the logical page range, the sizes listed above are slightly higher than the actual amount of space available for use. This overhead reduces the actual amount of space available by 256 times the logical page size for each listed page size (for example, the actual available size for a 2K server is 8TB – (256 x 2K)).
Minimum allowable sybsystemprocs database 136MB Required for an upgrade
Maximum size of a database device (disk partition) 242 (4TB) If the operating system supports file sizes up to 4TB, then SAP ASE supports file system devices up to 4TB
Maximum number of database devices per server 231

Maximum number of devices or device pieces per database Unlimited Limited by available memory
Maximum number of segments per database 31

Maximum number of login IDs per serve 2147516416

Maximum number of users per database 2146484223

Maximum number of groups per database 1032193