Pluggable Component Interface (PCI) Database

The pluggable component interface (PCI) lets you add libraries that provide different functionalities to the SAP ASE. Java support (pluggable component adaptor/Java virtual machine) is included as a pluggable component with SAP ASE 15.0.3 and later.

The sybpcidb database stores necessary configuration information for the PCI and the pluggable component adaptor/Java virtual machine (PCA/JVM) plug-in.

To enable PCI in SAP ASE by using srvbuildres, add PCI/Java related properties to the resource files used by these utilities. Enter these values:
sqlsrv.do_configure_pci: yes 
sqlsrv.sybpcidb_device_size: USE_DEFAULT
sqlsrv.sybpcidb_database_size: USE_DEFAULT