About this book


This book is for programmers who build applications that use built-in PowerBuilder® extensions.

How to use this book

This book describes syntax and usage information for built-in extensions to the PowerScript® language:

Related documents

Step-by-step instructions on building applications that use each of the built-in extensions are in Application Techniques.

For a complete list of PowerBuilder documentation, see the preface of PowerBuilder Getting Started.

Other sources of information

Use the Sybase® Getting Started CD and the Sybase Product Documentation Web site to learn more about your product:


The formatting conventions used in this manual are:

Formatting example


Retrieve and Update

When used in descriptive text, this font indicates:

  • Command, function, and method names

  • Keywords such as true, false, and null

  • Datatypes such as integer and char

  • Database column names such as emp_id and f_name

  • User-defined objects such as dw_emp or w_main

variable or file name

When used in descriptive text and syntax descriptions, oblique font indicates:

  • Variables, such as myCounter

  • Parts of input text that must be substituted, such as pblname.pbd

  • File and path names


Menu names and menu items are displayed in plain text. The greater than symbol (>) shows you how to navigate menu selections. For example, File>Save indicates “select Save from the File menu.”


Monospace font indicates:

  • Information that you enter in a dialog box or on a command line

  • Sample script fragments

  • Sample output fragments

If you need help

Each Sybase installation that has purchased a support contract has one or more designated people who are authorized to contact Sybase Technical Support. If you cannot resolve a problem using the documentation or online help, please have the designated person contact Sybase Technical Support or the Sybase subsidiary in your area.