au_pix Table

The author_pix table contains photographs of authors in the pubs2 database.

au_pix is defined as:

create table au_pix
(au_id char(11) not null,
pic image null,
format_type char(11) null,
bytesize int null,
pixwidth_hor char(14) null,
pixwidth_vert char(14) null)

Its primary key is au_id:

sp_primarykey au_pix, au_id

Its au_id column is a foreign key to authors:

sp_foreignkey au_pix, authors, au_id

The pic column contains binary data. Since the image data (six pictures, two each in PICT, TIF, and Sunraster file formats) is quite large, run the installpix2 script only to use or test the image datatype. The image data is supplied to show how SAP stores image data. SAP does not supply any tools for displaying image data: you must use the appropriate screen graphics tools to display the images once you have extracted them from the database.