Like for triggers, you can nest instead of triggers to 16 levels. The current nesting level is stored in @@nestlevel.

A system administrator can use the configuration parameter allow nested triggers to turn trigger nesting on and off; by default nesting if on. If nested triggers are enabled, a trigger that changes a table containing another trigger executes the second trigger, which in turn can execute another trigger, and so forth, producing an infinite loop. In this case, processing ends when the nesting level is exceeded, and the trigger aborts. A rollback transaction in a trigger at any nesting level rolls back the effects of each trigger, and cancels the entire transaction. A rollback trigger affects only the nested triggers and the data modification statement that caused the initial trigger to execute.

You can interleave nesting instead of and for triggers. For example, an update statement on a view with an instead of update trigger causes the trigger to execute. If the trigger contains a SQL statement updating a table with a for trigger defined on it, that trigger fires. The for trigger may contain a SQL statement that updates another view with an instead of trigger that then executes, and so forth.