In-Row LOB Columns Compression

If you define the LOB column for compression, the LOB compression extends to the data portion of the in-row LOBs when the LOB data is moved off-row, and the log data size exceeds the logical page size.

If you set up a table for row- or page-level compression, any in-row LOB columns (or their metadata) are not compressed.

As with off-row LOB columns, the data for different in-row LOB columns may be compressed by different LOB compression levels when the LOB data is moved off-row, however, SAP ASE does not compress the text pointer field for off-row LOB columns.

If you set the compression level for all LOB columns in a table using the with lob_compression clause, make sure you use the "not compressed" column-level clause to define individual in-row or other LOB columns you do not want to compress.