Get Information About ESPs

Use sp_helpextendedproc to get information about ESPs that are registered in the current database.

With no parameters, sp_helpextendedproc displays all the ESPs in the database, with the names of the DLLs containing their associated functions. With an ESP name as a parameter, it provides the same information only for the specified ESP.

sp_helpextendedproc getmsgs 
ESP Name   DLL   
--------   --------- 
getmsgs    msgs.dll

Since the system ESPs are in the sybsystemprocs database, you must be using the sybsystemprocs database to display their names and DLLs:

use sybsystemprocs
ESP Name     DLL   
--------     --------- 
xp_freedll   sybyesp
xp_cmdshell  sybyesp

If the source text of an ESP was encrypted using sp_hidetext, SAP ASE displays a message advising you that the text is hidden. See the Reference Manual: Procedures.