Procedure Groups

You can optionally use a semicolon and integer number after the name of a procedure in the create procedure, and execute statements, to group procedures of the same name so that they can be dropped together with a single drop procedure statement.

Procedures used in the same application are often grouped this way. For example, you might create a series of procedures called orders;1, orders;2, and so on. To drop the entire group, use:

drop proc orders 

Once you have grouped procedures by appending a semicolon and number to their names, you cannot drop them individually. For example, the following statement is not allowed:

drop proc orders;2  

To run SAP ASE in the evaluated configuration, prohibit procedure grouping. This ensures that every stored procedure has a unique object identifier and can be dropped individually. To disallow procedure grouping, a system security officer must reset the allow procedure grouping configuration parameter. See, Setting Configuration Parameters, in the System Administration Guide: Volume 1.