Retrieve Information About Defaults and Rules

Use sp_help with a table name to show the rules and defaults that are bound to columns.

This example displays information about the authors table in the pubs2 database, including the rules and defaults:
sp_help authors 

sp_help also reports on a rule bound to a user-defined datatype. To check whether a rule is bound to the user-defined datatype p#, use:

sp_help "p#"

sp_helptext reports the definition (the create statement) of a rule or default.

If the source text of a default or rule was encrypted using sp_hidetext, SAP ASE displays a message advising you that the text is hidden. See the Reference Manual: Procedures.

If the system security officer has reset the allow select on syscomments.text column parameter with sp_configure (as required to run SAP ASE in the evaluated configuration), you must be the creator of the default or rule or a system administrator to view the text of a default or rule through sp_helptext. See, Introduction to Security, in the Security Administration Guide.