Configuring enhanced parallel create index

Enhanced parallel create index is disabled by default, and is part of the enable functionality group configuration parameter.

  1. Enable the enable functionality group configuration parameter:
    sp_configure "enable functionality group", 1
  2. Set the database option select into/bulkcopy/pllsort to true:
    sp_dboption database_name, "select into", true
  3. Set the following configuration parameter according to your hardware environment:
    • number of worker processes – set to the maximum number of concurrently executing parallel threads used by all users

    • max parallel degree – set to the maximum parallel degree used for an individual user, but not higher than number of worker processes

    • max online engines – SAP recommends that you configure a sufficient number of engines when configuring parallel threads, depending on hardware avaialbility and other workloads. number of worker processes is typically set higher than number of engines