View Definition with a Computed Column

You can use a view definition statement that creates a view with a computed column generated from the columns price, royalty, and total_sales.

create view accounts (title, advance, amt_due) 
as select titles.title_id, advance, 
(price * royalty /100) * total_sales 
from titles, roysched 
where price > $15 
and advance > $5000 
and titles.title_id = roysched.title_id 
and total_sales between lorange and hirange 

There is no name that can be inherited by the column computed by multiplying together price, royalty, and total_sales, so you must include the list of columns in the create clause. The computed column is named amt_due. It must be listed in the same position in the create clause as the expression from which it is computed is listed in the select clause.