Global Indexes

Global indexes span data in one or more partitions, which are not equipartitioned with the base table. Because SAP ASE supports only unpartitioned global indexes, a global index spans all partitions.

Global indexes are supported for compatibility with earlier versions of SAP ASE, and because they are particularly useful in OLTP environments.

SAP ASE supports these types of global indexes:

Global Nonclustered Index on Unpartitioned Table

This is an example of creating a global nonclustered index on an unpartitioned table.

The figure below shows the default nonclustered index configuration.

To create this index on the unpartitioned publishers table, enter:
create nonclustered index publish5_idx on

This figure shows a global, nonclustered index on pub_id, index pages below it, and data pages below them, with arrows connecting index and data pages.

Global Clustered Index on Unpartitioned Table

This is an example figure that shows a default clustered index configuration. The table and index are unpartitioned.

To create this table on an unpartitioned publishers table, enter:
create clustered index publish4_idx 
	on publishers(pub_id)

This graphic shows a global clustered index, clustered on the pub_id column. The base table is shown as eight data pages, and it unpartitioned. The graphic shows that the index spans all data pages.