Change exp_row_size

If you perform a data copy, you can also change the exp_row_size, which allows you to specify how much space to allow per row.

You can change the exp_row_size only if the modified table schema contains variable-length columns, and only to within the range specified by the maxlen and minlen values in sysindexes for the modified table schema. The maxlen and minlen values do not include the overhead for the row ID.

If the column has fixed-length columns, you can change the exp_row_size to only 0 or 1. If you drop all the variable-length columns from a table, you must specify an exp_row_size of 0 or 1. Also, if you do not supply an exp_row_size with the alter table command, the old exp_row_size is used. SAP ASE raises an error if the table contains only fixed-length columns and the old exp_row_size is incompatible with the modified schema.

You cannot use the exp_row_size clause with any of the other alter table subclauses (for example, defining a constraint, changing the locking scheme, and so on). You can also use sp_chgattribute to change the exp_row_size. See the Reference Manual: Commands.