Parameters for Controlling Identity Gaps

SAP ASE provides parameters that allow you to control gaps in identity numbers.

Parameter name


Used with




create table or select into

Creates ID number blocks of a specific size for a specific table. Overrides identity burning set factor for the table. Works with identity grab size.

identity burning set factor



Indicates a percentage of the total available ID numbers to allocate for each block. Works with identity grab size. If the identity_gap for a table is set to 1 or higher, identity burning set factor has no effect on that table. The burning set factor is used for all tables for which identity_gap is set to 0.

When you set identity burning set factor, express the number in decimal form, and then multiply it by 10,000,000 (107 ) to get the correct value to use with sp_configure. For example, to release 15 percent (.15) of the potential IDENTITY column values at one time, specify a value of .15 times 107 (or 1,500,000):

sp_configure "identity burning set factor", 1500000

identity grab size



Reserves a block of contiguous ID numbers for each process. Works with identity burning set factor and identity_gap.